Hundred-company Sales Campaign in September

There is a saying called Golden Autumn September in China which means it’s the harvesting season.

 In this September, a sales campaign named Hundred-company campaign is organized and launched by Alibaba.

There are dozens of enterprises joining in the campaign including MPT team.

We are divided into different teams and groups to compete with each other.

Every team set its own goal to challenge and a series of reward s and punishments.


In the early morning of 1st, we receive the first payment of deposit which encourages our confidence.

And then we continuously receive the payment and order confirmation from our customers.

 Well begun is half done. In the first day in September, we achieve more than 1 million new

orders and accomplish more than half amount of the goal in September.

Here we are so grateful for our customers’ support and believe in us. We will try our best to offer the best products and service.
 We spare no effort in devotion to working and this September will definitely be a hard working but meaningful and fruitful season.

Based on all sale’s hard working, we believe we will have an enormous breakthrough ,development and outcome in the whole September.